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"A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

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Delta Company

Team WEST ORANGE 1968 Picture of Pete koerner

Taken on Hill 425


July 3rd, 1968

Around Vietnam Photo Album


Spooky at Duc Lap 1968

Puff the Magic Dragon Gunship

Around The World Photo Album

Samuel J. "Jerry" Keker

Jerry died peacefully on February 7, 2015, in Denver, Colorado, from complications of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Jerry was born September 12, 1948, in Dayton, Ohio, to Sam and Lucy Keker. He grew up outside Washington, D.C., where he was a Boy Scout, basketball player, and lover of nature. As a boy, he terrified his family by keeping a zoo of amphibians and reptiles in the basement of the family home. After high school, Jerry enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1967, served in Vietnam as a Reconnaissance Marine, trained in sky diving, underwater demolition and counterinsurgency warfare. He was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds he received in combat. 

Larry F Quigley

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Doc Parsons

Doc Snider with Delta Company


My team, Mayfly on Dong Den, hill 868 September 4-5 in 1968.

Hurricane Matthew brought back memories of Typhoon Bess that brought 17.5" of rain to the Danang TAOR on September 4-5 in 1968. The war ground to halt; the helo's were grounded and both sides hunkered down. My team, Mayfly, had to ride out the typhoon on Dong Den, hill 868. We had received comm from S2 that we were to be hit on the night of the typhoon. All night we were on 100% alert, freezing our asses off as the wind tried to blow us off of the hill. We were spread around the hill in fighting holes and trenches attempting to keep our ponchos wrapped around us, an impossible task. I can remember the howling wind and it was ugly. I don't think that Charlie had any desire to climb the hill that night. One of my favorite pictures was taken the morning of the typhoon when all we had to contend with was light rain and soft wind. What an opportunity to get clean for the first time in 10 days......we had no idea of what was to come. The second pic is looking off of the hill towards the S. China sea. The river shown was swollen 20 times its normal size with the flat lands swollen beyond imagination. The rainbow was a nice touch. Our time on the hill was extended by 2 days which was a treat. We were able to get dried out. I felt sorry for any grunt unit in the valleys and to this day wonder how many of of the units suffered deaths that were storm related.

Photos sent in by: Dave Doc Snider

Michael Allen Ragsdale

Dave Doc Snider

Shared a great week with this man and a great group of Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy service members who served during Vietnam. Master Chief Dave "Doc" Snider was awarded the Purple Heart for his heroism and continues to serve unselfishly after his retirement. Thank you Dave for such a great trip!

Michael Allen Ragsdale
November 16, 2018 ·

Dave Doc Snider

"A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

Sgt Jim Southall

Dave Doc Snider

Picture taken after a tough patrol in front of Delta Company's office. Frank Bosco was a beast in the bush.

Delta Company - Gold Lemon

Joaquin Venegas Photo Album

50+ years since the famous Tet Offensive of 1968

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BaNa 1968

Ron Huegel


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July 22, 1969

July 22, 1969

July 23, 1969

RIP Kathy

Jim Southall Story

Some Give It All

Marine Corps Photo

Name: SSgt Frank

Email: frank.ctzcc@yahoo.com
Subject: Another Ron V Overton?
Message: Sgt Overton,

In Feb70, a Bravo company Lt with your name and initials was WIA by a tripped claymore at the base of Hill 119. I'm trying to contact him regarding that event.
I used to be able to access your Alpha Roster but now I get 'forbidden 404' notices. Do you know of such a Marine, and can you put us in touch?


SSgt Frank
RVN '69-'70-'71

October 17th, 2020

Thanks for the message. The website is back up, you can access the Alpha Company roster today.


October 20th, 2020


Some Give It All

The Jim Southall Story

Members of Corporal Jim Southall's 33rd patrol were:

Sgt Lopez, this is the last time they will work together on patrol. They work together on patrols 29 & 33.

LCpl Michael J Will, this is the 2nd time they will work together on patrol. Patrols 29 and 33. Jim Southall was wounded in action (WIA) on his 28 patrol in 1968.

PFC  MICHAEL "Mike" DYKEMAN, this is the 2nd time they worked together on patrol. Patrols 29 & 33 in 1969. Mike is a member of 1st Recon Battalion Association.

PFC Guimond, will appear only on one patrol report with Jim Southall in 1st Recon Battalion.

Corpsman HM3 Gary Graves, this is the only patrol he worked together with Jim Southall in Bravo Company Gary was in Bravo Company from October 1968 through October 1969. I can testify that Gary was one of the best Corpsman in Bravo Company 1st Recon. He is also a member of the 1st Recon Battalion Association.

PVT Romero, this is the 1st time they will work together on patrol in Vietnam.

PFC Mark Angel Guillen, this is the only patrol he worked with Jim Southall on in 1st Recon Battalion in 1969. Mark Guillen was in Bravo Company, 1st Recon Battalion from 1969-1970. He Passed Away on July 21, 1978.

LCpl Steve Grandusky, worked with Jim Southall on two patrols. Patrols 29 & 33 in 1969, Steve Grandusky is a member of 1st Recon Battalion Association. Click out Steve's web page click here.

LCpl Anderson, this is the 1st Patrol with Jim Southall. They will work together on 2 patrols 33 & 34 in 1969. 

PFC Dates, this is the 2nd patrol in Bravo Company. He will work with Jim Southall on 2 patrols 29 and 33.

PFC Herburger, this is the only time they will work together on patrols. 

LCpl Horne, this is the 3rd time they worked together on patrol. Patrols 30-31 and 33 in 1969.

PFC Brandvold, this is the 4th time they worked together in 1969 on patrols. Patrols 29-31 and 33-35.

PFC Spees, this is the last time they will work together on patrol. Patrols 21, 26, 29 and 33 in 1968 & 1969.

SSgt ENRIQUE S "Hank" ROMO, this is the last time they will work together on patrol. Patrols 30, 32 & 33. Hank's a member of 1st Recon Battalion Association. Was in BRAVO COMPANY, JAN. - DEC. OF 1969.

HM2 Sheridan, this is the only time they will work together on patrol.

PFC Plunket, this is the 4th time they will work together on patrol. Patrols 30-32 & 33-34 in 1969.

PFC Merritt, this is the 1st time they will work together on patrol. Patrols 33 and 35 in 1969.

PFC Gillman, this is the only time they will work together on patrol in 1st Recon Battalion.

HM3 Gary Graves