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On June 25, 2021 at 10:57 PM

Mr. Ruggles – My name is Michael P. McManus.  I’ve received emails (from you) for Delta, Alpha and H&S Co’s.  I was assigned to all those 1st Recon Bn. Companies.  On the first occasion I joined the Bn. At Camp Pendleton and later on Okinawa (Camp Schwab), and finally in ChuLai RVN.  I rotated back to the world and was assigned by my primary MOS of 2531 to Delta Battery, 13th Marines: ‘05  howitzer Bn.,  5th MarDiv.  Spent 6 months at Pendleton and 6 months at Kaneohe Bay, First Mar Brigade.  In early 68 I requested orders back to RVN.  As a SGT. E-5,  I thought I’d get a cushy job in the rear with the gear.  No luck, was sent back to 1st Recon.  During this tour I served as the Alpha Co.  Radio Chief for a period and was transferred to H&S as the Bn. Radio Chief.  In conclusion, one email to this address would absolutely suffice.




Michael P. McManus

Sgt.              USMC

6/26/2021 at 12:17 AM

Notice to all Reconers...
My info is still the same. I even get notified twice because I was in "C" company and then transferred to "B" company in September of 1970. My contact info is:

Stan W. Mozer
14325 Bronte Ct.
Hudson, Florida

Hm: 727-233-6514. Cell: 714-328-9277


Semper Fi, see you at the reunion.

6/26/2021 at 3:32 AM


Thank you all for the service you continue to do for all of us. I was with S-2 in 1970-72; briefly attached with Company A before our return back to CONUS, then reattached to H&S Co.

Unfortunately I am living here in Philippines, semi-retired, and not able to attend the reunion. Will be looking for photos! God Bless our Nation, the Corps, Recon, family, and all who served.

#banthefuckingmachines #bringback45

Semper Fi
Don Gordon BELL

Actor/Stills Photographer
Phil: +639477357552 +639171842501


This is Dave Thompson, I was with 1st Force in Viet Nam and I am a member one of your members.

If you want to send me the names of the 19 Force Recon member that their email failed I may be able come up with their current email address and status.

Semper Fi

Dave Thompson

Email from: Rick < >



Morning,  Did quick 1st Force review of eleven.  Hope this helps you.


Semper Fi…..R


Dain, Peter and

Johnson, Wesley

Palmer, Edward PeeWee

Robertson, Michael Doc

Rowland, William Ed      will be at reunion


Aalbertsberg, William    old will look for update

Bradshaw, Arthur           old will look for update, in Texas


Lee, Alex…He is in the rest home in Asheville, NC  limited contact


Fooshee, Ricky    He and buddy below Doc Roshong have remained distant and not responded in many years

Roshong, Paul Doc


Taussig, Joseph  last addy I had he was in Switzerland, will look if can update

6/26/2021 at 9:05 AM

Email June 28, 2021 

Received and corrected info previously submitted!

Semper Fi!
Ed Rowland

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George Washington


Thanks for all the hard work. I sent out test messages to all 5 emails addresses and so far they're holding looks like they're all good.
My hat's off to 1st Force Company they seem to be a very organized company. I wish that the other companies were like that would make my job a lot easier. I had 3 members of 1st Force volunteer to help locate members emails and information of missing members.

I appreciate all the help.

Thank You,


Part 2 


Thank you for reaching out,as you see a new e-mail address. My information is the same,wish I could have been in this great Unit longer, was in 2nd Force Recon at Geiger.
After Jump School got orders to Rigger School, then to Vietnam. I extended, made Cpl , requested to go to 1st Force and did.
Is Rick Rabenold still the Historian?
Again thank you
Semper Fi,
Peter Dain, Rome,N.Y. USMC 1965-1969