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David Snider - Delta 68/69

John Bowcock - 1st Force 1968

Manuel Garcia - Delta 67/69

Gary Husar - Alpha & Delta 66/67

Chuck Fenwick - Charlie 69/70

Michael Harder - Alpha 67/69

Bob Bruno - Alpha 67/68 

Michael Holmes - Delta 66/67

Doug Wolfe - Bravo 1968    

Paul Young - Alpha 67/68

Will Aalbertsberg - 1st Force 66/68

Leonel Perez - Charlie 66/67     

Robert Farmer - Recon Co. 55/56

Randy Kendall - Delta Co. 64/67

Lennie Miller - Delta & Echo 67/68

Bill Davison - Charlie 69/70

Robert Luster - Recon Co. 54/55

Clint Howard - Charlie 89/93

Bill Hatten - Charlie 80/82

Mark Puig - Bravo 04/07

John C. Minahan - 11th Marines

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Everyone has a story

Tell us yours

There are no rules at all for your story. History is a weapon so send us your stories today. We're also looking for the stories behind those whose names are inscribed on our Memorial in Quantico, Virginia and at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. If one of your friends or family members is memorialized there, we want to hear your favorite story about that Marine or Navy Corpsman. Thank You.