Team: Cayenne June 3rd, 1968

Bravo company

Last Known Activity

RECON TEAM "CAYENNE", Hill 200 - 27 miles SW of Da Nang, 9 KM W-NW OF HIEP DUC VILLAGE

1st Recon Bn. Command Chronology:
032245H at 833276 patrol was attacked by an estimated 40 VC. Black PJ's, rifles, ctg belts, grenades and suspected satchel charges. The attack was very sudden and opened with large explosions of an unknown origin. As the patrol returned fire, VC swept through their position in the few minutes immediately following the explosions. The action resulted in 8 USMC KIA, 7 USMC WIA, 1VC KIA conf., and 6VC KIA prob. 3 USMC WIA (1 later DOW) were med-evaced. Due to darkness, weather, and negative comm, the rest of the patrol remained in position until a reaction force aided in their extraction at 040700H. The VC attacked in 2 groups from the North and "SE". Spooky supported the patrol the remainder of the night with unknown results. There was negative enemy activity after the initial assult.

Recon Team: Cayenne
SSgt Phil Hampton (Patrol Leader) WIA

HM3 Earl Lerch KIA (Died of Wounds on June 4)
Cpl Briggs WIA

L/Cpl Terrece Eugene Edgar KIA
LCpl Gonzales WIA
LCpl Michael James Beck KIA
LCpl Jasper WIA
PFC Charles Frank Huff KIA
PFC Darrell Edward Campanello KIA
PFC Gerold Jerome Mc Adams KIA
PFC Peter Joseph Weidemier KIA
PFC Jeffery Scott Patterson KIA
PFC Whiting WIA
PFC Kraskiewiez WIA
PFC Macedo WIA

Hill 200

Sparta Cemetery

LCpl. Charles Frank Huff

PFC Peter Joseph Weidemier

PFC Jeffery Scott Patterson

Golden Gate National Cemetery

PFC Gerold Jerome McAdams

PFC Darrell Edward Campanello

Lance Corporal

Michael James Beck

Lance Corporal


Hill 200 1968


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Hill 200 1968-1969

Patrol Report #359-68

The Jim Southall Story, Over 100 Patrol Reports.

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Patrol Report #359-68

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The Jim Southall Story

This patrol covered a period of 119 hours with a contact with an estimated of 40 or more VC/NVA resulted in 8 USMC KIA, 7 USMC WIA on Hill 200 June 3rd, 1968.