Happy 245th Marine Corps



6 November 2020
1st Marine Division
Morning Colors and
245th Marine Corps Birthday
Cake Cutting Ceremony

MajGen Roger B. Turner, Jr. addresses those gathered.

MajGen Turner hands a piece of the birthday cake to SgtMaj Marty Vasquez.

LCpl Carson S. Kress and SgtMaj Marty Vasquez

6 November 2020

The 1st Marine Division marked the Corps' 245th Birthday this morning with a Morning Colors and Cake Cutting Ceremony at Division CP aboard Camp Pendleton, California.

Division CG MajGen Roger B. Turner, Jr. was the oldest Marine present. He shared a piece of the cake with the youngest Marine present, LCpl Carson S. Kress, of Spring, Texas, born 4 December 2002.

SgtMaj Marty Vasquez was the guest of honor.

The 1st Division Band was in usual excellent form, and the ceremony was broadcast live on Facebook.

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CMC Birthday Message
As the 245th Marine Corps birthday approaches,
Gen. David H. Berger reminds us how
the Corps’ legacy lives on in every Marine.

To watch General Berger's Birthday Message

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1st Recon Battalion Association

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