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Too close to whisper...
...one click for "yes", two for "no"...
"Brothers of the Bush"

Recon...their name is
their honor...and nothing more
need be said...Recon

Floyd Ruggles

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The Memory Remains Not All Wounds Are Visible.

"A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

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In Remembrance of our brother Reconnaissance Marines & Corpsmen killed in action or otherwise while on duty.

I'm just a simple old warrior who served in the uniform of this country's military in War who loves to discuss all aspects of life. It is my firm conviction that if one understands what caused the war, how the war was conducted, and the Reconstruction Years that followed, one will know what this country is about.

July 1968 - July 1969

The Memory Remains Not All Wounds Are Visible.

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Look at it as your Time Capsule. This website won't stand long after you're gone.


Daniel M Turpin

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Rest In Peace, Marines

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Part 11  - 2021

1st Reconnaissance Battalion
Missions / Patrol Reports

Too close to whisper...
...one click for "yes", two for "no"...
"Brothers of the Bush"

Recon...their name is
their honor...and nothing more
need be said...Recon

Hopefully all my info. is up to date. I will at the end of e-mail leave all my info.

I've left info. looking for anyone living so they might get in contact with me but

so far no answers. Maybe they are dead or not members.

SSGT. Wendt, R.A. USMC
1st Recon H&S co. Oct. 1974 to April 1975
14330 W. Marshall Dr.
Manhattan, Il. 60442

Not forgotten honored 

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A New Congressional Research Service Publication on U.S. Military Service Records, Awards, and Unit Histories

The Congressional Research Service has just published a short reference document that might be of interest to many:

Military Service Records, Awards, and Unit Histories: A Guide to Locating Sources by Mese F. DeBruyne and Barbara Salazar Torreon.

The guide provides information on locating military unit histories and individual service records of discharged, retired, and deceased military personnel. It also provides information on locating and replacing military awards and medals. Included is contact information for military history centers, websites for additional sources of research, and a bibliography of other publications, including related CRS reports. Click here to download the Publication


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May you rest in peace,

my brothers & sisters.

I will never forget you.


Bravo Company 1968-1969

Part 12  - 2021

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Email Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2021 11:54 AM
Subject: Message Board

My Name: Clint Humphrey
Email: clinthumphreytx@gmail.com
Phone number: (817) 694-9742
Subject: Prior service questions
Message: Hello all! I have a few questions that I would love to talk to someone about. I have a family relative who was talking about his service time as a Force Recon Marine in the very early 60s and I would like to know how to check that? If someone could reach out, it would be much appreciated!

1st Lieutenant Stephen A. "Steve" Zrenda Jr.

Company 6/70-2/71

Passed Away January 16th, 2021

From Dan to Sierra: 1stLt. Stephen A. "Steve" Zrenda Jr. was one of our Super Marines in Nam having fought in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970.....that would be someone who served in 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. I'm including some 1st Recon Marines on this email back to you who may have served with Zrenda. I seem to recall from the Texas Tech Vietnam War Archives Zrenda spent a lot of time going out to the bush on a multitude of patrols. If you would like to see some of the actions Zrenda encountered on his combat patrols in the bush go through the 1st Recon Bn. patrols from 1969-70 and locate your uncle listed as participating on those patrols. Some are oh-hum non-activity and others are heavy contact with the enemy initiated by only 6-8 Recon Marines. These other guys may be able to paint a more accurate picture of your uncle or reach out to someone who knew him.
Semper Fi, Dan Kellum, 1stLt. Echo 2/1, platoon commander, XO and finished out as CO of Echo Co.

Please write Sierra at  sierra.zrenda@icloud.com

Sintra Portugal

Historical and architectural wonders

Sintra is one of the most beautiful and most unique places in Portugal and is absolutely worth a visit. With fairytale-like castles and the most enchanting gardens, a visit to Sintra is worth your time even if you are coming from the other side of the world!

Emma Hogberg
Email: tardisnerd325@gmail.com
Phone number: (847) 961-8976

Subject: 1st Marine Division 1st Recon Battalion, H&HS Company
Message: I would like to thank all of you for your bravery and service. I am the Granddaughter of Herbert "Herbie" Hogberg II and I am looking for any and all information about those who could possibly remember him. I Know He was In the 1st Marine Division 1st Recon BN, with H & HS company; he was a Radio operator. Was also in Operation Kansas, friends With SSgt Jimmie E. Howard. I don't have much information on him because we lost some of our records. I going to try and post his photos from Vietnam to this site and see if he will let me take his photo now. Again thank you all and have a wonderful day.

E. Hogberg

Email sent: Monday, 2/1/2021 at 12:31 PM

Teen Pays Tribute To Fallen Marines With Prom Dress

Aubrey Headon and her prom dress

One young Rochelle girl took a rite of passage and turned it into a tribute for fallen servicemen. Aubrey Headon knew she wanted to do something special with her prom dress and this weekend, she made her grand debut., wearing it as a tribute to 25 Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment out of Camp Pendleton, California.

Operation Pipestone Canyon
26 May - 11 Nov 1969

Operation Pipestone Canyon was a US Marine Corps, Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and Republic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC) operation that took place on Go Noi Island, Quảng Nam Province, lasting from 26 May to 7 November 1969.


Operation Pipestone Canyon concluded on 7 November, the Marines had lost 71 killed and the PAVN/VC 852 killed and 58 captured. The operation was regarded as a success as the PAVN/VC had been driven from Dodge City and Go Noi Island (which had been completely transformed during the operation) and Route 4 had been successfully reopened.

I grew up in the state which prides itself as the land of ten thousand lakes.
It’s been a few years since I’ve been out, fishing. So when I looked at your photo on Facebook it remind me of yesterday many years ago. I find myself drifting back with my feet resting on the edge of a fishing boat, wide open water on every side. This is one of the most relaxing things on earth. I like having nothing more to do these days than watch a red and white bobber bobbing around the surface of the water, waiting for the visual cue to tell me whether the hook has brushed by a weed or if I’ve snagged a Minnesota muskie or a record walleye. Those were the good old days my friend enjoy your travel and enjoy the time you have to fishing. I'll see you at the reunion this year. God willing Thanks for sharing your great photo. Your friend and brother Floyd Ruggles webmaster.

Open water on every side, fishing is one of the most relaxing things on earth.


Looks like you're having a great time, Enjoy my friend everyday is precious.

David & Shan Backer

We are having 🤩 fun in the sun.

July 2021

David & Shan Backer

Are planning to attend our reunion this year in Oceanside, California

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you two are relaxed and having fun! I am praying for safe travels for you! Connie Leinhos


July 16th, 2021 at 6:37 AM

Got this email from Peter Dain and provided the below information and he was not the only one that has requested to to find old buds.

Can we put links on the web site with how to locate old buds.

I will always help

I have not bothered you because you are working on Reunion.
Is the list on new site updated?
Because I will work that from A-Z

John marine1967@verizon.net



Thanks for all the information should help and our members locate their Brothers.

A Summer Day In Nam
"A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

Last night I awoke to the sounds of thunder. I was recalling a small part of a day as if it was yesterday. As I remember, it was the height of the war that day. It seems to be bits and pieces of time that have been locked away for over fifty years. Our team call sign is "Average". 9 Recon Marines with an attitude, charging from the gate of a CH-46 Sea Knight, carrying our weight.

I can say I’m literally carrying my weight or more on my back. As a small Marine around 145 pounds and about 5 feet 7, I could move in and out of tight areas as a point. On my back is a rucksack. A “back pack or the sack” as the team called it. In the rucksack would have been enough C Rations for this mission. I can recall running out from time to time. I recall on one of my missions working with a team of 14 Marines. We went out on a 5 day mission and we were socked in by the monsoon for 10 days or so living off the land eating bugs and small green bananas before we were lifted out of that zone by choppers. But that is another story. On this summer day in my rucksack would have been rain gear, dry socks, my weapon maintenance kit, poncho liner, my camouflage blanket. camouflage paint, first aid items, map and compass, mess kit, gasmask, a canteen or two of water, and my trusty camera that was always by my side and I’m probably forgetting something. As for my weapons now all I can say to “Charlie” is I’m packing. Ten to twenty hand grenades, gas and colored smoke canisters, extra M60 machine gun rounds, two to four clamor mines, my knife and bayonet, 15-20 M16 magazines. Yes this marine was packing on all my missions plus I would have had a ton of C4 plastic explosives with detonators. Thinking back today on this for some apparent reason it seems I like to blow things up. As my wife Linda, who I love dearly, is looking over my shoulder at this time and making a coy remark like I was a young dumb kid. And I reply back as I’m thinking Hoo-ya, but all those explosives were for clearing LZ “landing zone” for the choppers to land on for extractions at the end of our missions and the C4 was for cooking our food. I don’t think she bought in to that. I’m thinking for the record it was a great deterrent for the enemy forces. But as you can see I’m literally carrying my weight.

My steps were quick and light. I’m running point that day for a small team of brothers. They’re reconnaissance Marines out of Bravo Company. We’re on a mission to locate enemy movement and report back; it’s a 5 day mission in enemy controlled territory and my team is on the ground.

Within minutes my eyes were fixed on movement. A small group of 4 VC or NVA with small arms packs and two radios were moving along a river 200 yards or so from me on a winding trail. The enemy moved along the trail within 50 yards or so of the team and moved off down the trail into the bush. To reach higher ground our team would have to cross the river. 1st Lt. Riley "at the time a 2nd Lt." ordered Sgt. Southall "at the time a Cpl" and me to move towards the river to find a river crossing for the team. We moved out towards the river moving through elephant grass at least 6 feet tall as we moved very cautiously and slowly. I recall being at point arms. The grass appeared to become shorter as we approached the river. We moved over 100 yards or so before my eyes picked up movement to the right of our position. We hit the deck! A company sized unit of enemy with Chinese was moving towards our position. Carrying RPGs this company of NVA is packing and looking for a rumble. As this unit moved on the trail and the trail was now winding around me we were out gunned on this day ten to one. I’m thinking back what if one of the team would have to squeeze off a round or two. What if, what if, can drive a man crazy some times and what if can tear your mind apart time and time again. This Company sized unit moved within five feet or so of me at times. My eyes were fixed on them, my hands were steady. I held firmly to my M16. The Cpl is 10 feet or so to my left. The balance of the team Ssgt. Romo, 2nd Lt. Riley, Pfc. Brandvold, Pfc. Coy and Pfc. Plunket are 300 to 400 feet behind me in the thick bush with the radioman Pfc. Harkins and Pfc. Horne on the M60 caliber machine gun. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Cpl. Southall trying to shift from his awkward position. I’m thinking ‘Oh No’ as my life started to flash by me. As I’m thinking and looking back on it now, it would be like the movie “Christmas Story” when Ralphie said," No more turkey, no more turkey sandwiches, no more turkey period". Thinking back now, I can also say I thought no more turkey dinners with my future wife, children, grandchildr