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Marly Bryant,  Bravo DRP, Charlie Company 1979-1983  Click Here

Stephen H Luebbert, 1st Force 1976- 1980

Joseph H Smith, Alpha, H&S Companies 1969-71



Jim Kuiken, Bravo Company, 3rd Platoon - Mongoose 75-76

Sandy Kucera, New associate member 2022

Patrick Collins, New associate member 2022

Ralph DiPietro, 

I was a corpsman in 1966 - 1967 in 1st platoon, Charlie Company. This is the first I’ve heard of a website. I just happened to google it. So glad to see that everyone gets together. I’ve been incarcerated (you can’t tell me that PTSD doesn’t make you do some very dumb things!) and now I am trying to catch up with what I’ve missed. I would like to throw my name out there hoping that some guys that were in 1st platoon would remember me.
Please get back to me. I would definitely want to receive any future correspondence of what you guys do. I look forward to hearing from you or some of the other fellas. Click Here




Anthony Skrapits,  CWO4/USN (Ret.) H&S Company 7/66 - 8/67 Click Here

Manuel Teran, Bravo Company 1954-1958 

Frank T Shelton, 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Company HQBN 9/1993-9/1995

Jose L Pereda, Recon Company 1993-1998 1st Recon 2001-2003

John W Glasser, Alpha & Bravo Companies 6/1963-2/1965

Richard Fox, H&S Company 12/1986-1/1987

Mack O Cuttitta, Alpha Company 1988-1992

Reagan Anderson, 1st Recon BN 7/2004-2006

James Moe Armstrong, Bravo Company 6/63-2/65 Click Here

Robert T Randazzo, H&S Company 1984-1988 Click Here

Ronald L Bub, H&S Company 1970-1971

John Holly, Bravo Company 1969

Larry D Williams, Alpha Company 1979-1981

Mark E Berrier, Alpha, Charlie and H&S Companies 1988-1995

Johnny Rogers, H&S Company 1978-1981

James A Howard, Charlie Company 78-79

Douglas Beverly, Bravo, H&S Companies 7/74-7/77

Richard B Leathers, Bravo Company, 3rd Platoon, 04/86 - 08/89

Dennis Th Atchison, Bravo Company 1969

Jim B Dekorte, Bravo Company 1/1969-1/1970

Eddie A Le Fleur, Charlie Company 81-83 & 85-87

Dennis R Slack, Charlie Company 10/67-11/68

Robert C White, Bravo Company 2011 - 2014

Dane P Kucera, Alpha Company 1989-1991

Andrew W Hasco, Alpha Company Jan 71 to May 71



Howard D Wolfe, Bravo Company 3/1968 - 4/1969

Andrew Crowley, Charlie Company  2nd Platoon, 2nd squad 1/1967 - 9/1968

Mark H Curtis, Bravo Company 5/1968 - 9/1969

Rodney R Downie, Bravo Company 1/1969 - 10/1970

Duane Erling Torvend, Bravo Company 11/1968 - 11/1969

George E Sheridan, Bravo Company 1984 - 1986

Benny J Orens, Kelo-Mike-Lima 1957-1959 (Ret) 1963

Gerald R Huff, HNS Alpha Company 9/1966 - 12/1966

Kevin McGowen, Alpha Company 4/2004 - 5/2008

Kurt Leiss, Alpha Company 1987 - 1992

Gunnar Naughton, Charlie Company 2019 - Present

Kevin Kincheloe, Alpha DRP 1975-1976 1978-1979

Paul Barrett, Alpha Company 2/20/1958 - 1/11/1959

Mark O Hensinger, Bravo & Alpha Companies 1983 - 1986

Troy DD Jackson, Alpha Company 2/1987 - 7/31/1990

James Biegler, 3/1  7/2008

Douglas Yedinak, Delta Company 3/1970 - 10/1970

Larry WWWw Reese, Alpha Company Road Test 1970 - 1971

Tom Minder, Charlie Company 77-78 and 85-87, Bravo: 78-79 and 83-84, Alpha (DRP): 79 and 81-82

Gary L Murray, Alpha Company Hq. 1966-67

Edward Overbey, Charlie and Delta Companies 12/1968 - 8/1969

Warren "Lefty" Wright,  H&S Company April 1985 - April 1988

Lee J Larsen, Bravo Company November 1968 - May 1969

Joseph Spair, Charlie Company 1982-1984

Dane P Kucera, Alpha Company 1989-1991

Steven J Fredericks, Charlie & HQ Companies 2004-2006

Steve Rainey, Echo Company 1967-1968

Bradley W Bluhm,  Delta Company 1969-1970



Cary F Andras M.D., H&S Company 2/70-9/70

Jon B Edwards III, Charlie Company 1983-1988 & Bravo Company 1989-1992

Jeffrey "BB" B Graves, Charlie Company 3/91-1/93

James W Harrell Sr., Delta Company June 1966-July 1967

Doug W Patterson, Bravo Company & H&S Company 6/68-7/69

Ott B Reid, Alpha Company Oct 1969-Aug 1970

Charles C Richardson, 1st Force 3 West Orange Aug 10, 1966-Nov 24, 1967

Garth A Robertshaw, Bravo Company & H&S Company 10/77-6/79

Roger W Schultz, Bravo Company 4th Recon 4/22/1974

Larry E Sparks, Delta Company 1970-1971

William L Stepp, Alpha Company 1969

James C Tharpe, H&S Company Sept 1984-May 1987

David B "Tom" Thompson, SGT. 1st Force Recon Jan 27, 1968 - Feb 22nd, 1969

Warren B Nolan, Echo Company Jan 1969-Aug 1969

Robert Wiltrout, H&S Company Oct. 1969 - Sept. 1970

Michael S Wood, Bravo Company 1969-1970

Luciano Carlucci, Alpha Company 2001-2006

Ronald L Holmes, Delta Company - Patrol Leader 1969 - 1970

Thomas Kingsbury III, Charlie Company - E5 Hospital Corpsman

Jon McCury, (New 2018 Reunion Attendees & 2018 Meeting Attendance)

Ray Rahne,  (New 2018 Reunion Attendees & 2018 Meeting Attendance)

Timothy J Luhrs, Delta Company Team Chili Pepper

Louis E Short, Paraloft / Parachute Rigger 1980-1983

David L Pope, Alpha Company / DRP 1982-1983

Robert W Rutledge, Charlie Company 1981-1984

Harold Robert Stair, Charlie Company Feb. 1968 - Sept. 1968

Jones Sammy Jr., H&S Company 1968 - 1970

James AAA Moos, Bravo Company July 1970 - April 1971

Jim Ambrose Jr.,  H&S Company April 1989 - May 1992

Mario E Molina Jr.,  Delta Company 1968-1972

Antonio V Trujillo,  Bravo Company 2007

Willey O Williamson, H&S Company 10/1976 - 7/1978

Gary F Morris,  Lance corporal, Dates with Unit: June 1969-June 1971

Russell E Nelson "Russ",   H&S Company 1987-1988

Timothy C Haught,  Bravo Company & H&S Company Feb. 1981 - April. 1983

Jeffrey A Lee, Bravo Company & H&S Company Sept. 1989 - Nov. 1990

James E Mcquaide, Delta Company 1968-1969 Teams: Mayfly & Vesper Bells




Mark G Wehr,  Served as both a Supply Clerk and as a door gunner aboard a CH-46 Marine Sea Night Helicopter with the 1st Marine Air Wing Purple Fox's at Marble Mountain, Da Nang. It would be an Honor to be a part of this group. I also am a member of The Air Medal Society Group.

Ross McFadden,  Bravo Dates with Unit: 10/03-9/06

Bruce E Mosley,  Alpha Company 3rd plt  April 67-Nov.67

Dwayne A Sweet, Bravo Company Dec. '77 to May '83

Cliff Emery, Bravo Deuce  Nov '68-Oct '69 & Dec. '77 to May '83

Ronald Dristle, Echo Company 1968 - 1969 also went to Subic Bay Philippines for Scuba School.

Paul B Goodwin, (Retired Colonel) I served in 1st Recon in 65 and 66. Plat cmdr and co cmdr Delta Co.

Emest V Ward "Bo", Bravo Company Aug. 1989 - July 1991

Joseph A Perron, Charlie & Delta Company 1965-66

Frederick A Romero, Delta Company 1967-1969

Richard H Fleming, Was a member of the 1st platoon 1st Recon Btn. in the fall of 1968 and ran many missions with them before being transferred to 1st Force Recon when they were based at Camp Reasoner.

Mike Adams,  Alpha Company 3/68-4/69

Michael J Witherell,   Delta & 1st Force Companies 2007-2013

Marc Olmsted, Alpha Company 1980 – 1982

Hugh M Roop, Alpha Company 1st Light Armored Infantry Bn   3/01/1989-5/01/1991 A Co 1st Reconnaissance Bn (Light Armored) 5/01/1991-11/28/1992

Ronald V Overton, Alpha Company March 1968 - Nov. 1969

Thomas L Jensen, Bravo Company & H&S Comany June 1970 - July 1973

Steve M Risk, Delta Company March 1970 - Sept. 1970

Tracy L Smith, DRP / Scuba Locker 1979 -1981

Larry Hardin, Bravo Company 5th Recon attached to 1st Recon 1968

Donald "Don" Griffith, Delta Company April 1969 transferred to 1st Force May 1969 1stSgt USMC, (Ret).

Robert M Lange, Delta Company  1967 - 1968

Ronald L. Hibble, Bravo Company 8/67-4/69

Dave "Tom" Thompson, 1st Force Recon Co. 1/27/1968 - 2/22/1969


Sorry for any misspellin. Contact me if you find one or contact me if I missed anyone. I've been behind on my posting on the website. Contact me if you any questions or comments.


Semper Fi

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