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Too close to whisper...
...one click for "yes", two for "no"...
"Brothers of the Bush"

Recon...their name is
their honor...and nothing more
need be said...Recon

Floyd Ruggles

1st Recon Battalion Association
"Swift. Silent. Deadly."

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Too close to whisper...
...one click for "yes", two for "no"...
"Brothers of the Bush"

Recon...their name is
their honor...and nothing more
need be said...Recon

By  James "Kimo" Andrews




Echo Company 1st Recon Bn 1st Marine Division, 1968 in Okinawa for retraining which was cut short due to Tet of 1968. I am next to Lcpl James Howard Jones who was KIA on Hill 200 08/01/1968. I am in front of Cpl. Smallwood.

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Ken Benckwitz
1st Recon 1969 

Ken Benckwitz, Creg Howland

Camp Reasoner

Jeff Baker's


Laron K. Fullmer

New Message from Paul Wiltse

Looking for anyone that served with my biological father during the Vietnam War. From the information I have he was assigned to 1st Recon Battalion 1st Marine Division out of Okinawa and was possibly in Delta company. 

Would have been somewhere from 63 to 67 (?). His name was Laron K. Fullmer from Twin Falls ID. I do know that he reached the rank of Corporal during his service. Here's a photo (tag said Radio Sgt. Lemke driving with Cpl. Fullmer and was taken by a R. Kendall) that I believe he is in and also a photo of when he was young. Thank you for any assistance!
Paul Wiltse, pwiltse8134@yahoo.com

Delta company

Message from Dana P Zuber Mr   bandana60@me.com

Subject: Missing Friend

April 27th, 2020

Looking for Robert Spurling, looking for Bn roster.


This is your link to the Battalion roster:

Robert is not on our roster. I'll post your message on the website today. 

Please keep your contact information up to date. This will allow the Association to send out messages. Thank You, 1st Recon Battalion Association Webmaster.

Looking to Re-connect

I have been looking for one of my best friend that we served together in 1st Batt. 1st Recon Delta Company in Chu-Lai Vietnam. I have been looking for him for the past forty plus years I am hoping that this some one can help me find him. I have tried everything to locate him the only name I have is his last name Porter and he was from PA. Thank you for your help Please help me.

Joseph A Perron


I can't thank you guys enough for helping us to remember our fallen heroes.  James Mcquaide, roadone@comcast.net

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We appreciate the email. Thanks

Brian Thomas

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Meet our chaplain Dave Backer

At 110 years old, Louisiana native Lawrence Brooks is the oldest living veteran of WWII!

 Photo sent in by Michael Stone

I served with these Marines 1968, E Company 1stRecon Bn 1stMar. Div. 

 Pfc McIntyre.

  Pfc J. Irby

1stSgt Jacques

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation
Gunnery Sergeant Jimmie Howard. Company C, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division (Rein) FMF
Vietnam War

 HM3 O'Connor

 Photos sent in by Samuel Luera Echo Company

Photo sent in by Eric Schwartz

1st Recon Battalion Association


Dave's Email

Recon Reflections, Carnival Time on Nui Vu


Ken Brown shared this link. Thanks Ken

From; Micheal L Hartman Email: drawn_dagger@yahoo.com

Subject: Ed Henry and wife, Message: The both stayed with me and wife twice on way to N. WI Had 2 good visits, as I was in A co, 1st recon. Total shock when I saw they had both passed. Would love to chat with a family member some day.  Michael



Alpha Company 4/68-10/68 - Corpsman

Mr. Henry enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1968 serving in the Vietnam War. During his time of service, also was a Corpsman with the Marines and was known as “Doc Henry”. He worked for the Chicago Northwestern Railway, which later became the Union Pacific Rail Road for 32 years. They both will be missed...

From: Bernard D Loeb Email: loeb.dennis@gmail.com

Subject: Contact with L Col Charles Kershaw

Message: Charlie we went our ownways after DS and I retired from the Corps still remember the good times and would like to hear from you MSGT B.D. Loeb USMC retired


Sent an email to Charlie on July 28th, 2020

1st Recon Battalion Association
"Swift. Silent. Deadly."

1st Recon Battalion Association
"Swift. Silent. Deadly."

From: Bill Gaffney <wildman69@icloud.com> 6:23 AM To: floyd@weststpaulantiques.com

Spent 83-86 in Talega


July 28th, 2020

Thanks Bill, Hope to see at a up and coming reunion.

S/F, Floyd

Good evening Floyd,

I am contacting you regarding the 1st Recon Association website. I am currently a platoon sergeant for A Co 2nd plt. For the past 2.5 years I have been in search of any past Alpha Company logos or symbols, finally a few months ago I found a few pictures of an Alpha Company logo from Camp Reasoner. With the help of my mom, I was able to re-create it and I posted it up in the hall outside the Company HQ at 1st Recon. I wanted to share this with the brothers in the association. Attached are some pictures. Perhaps you could add it to the website.


Gy Sgt Dave Nisbeth

A Co 1st Recon

2nd Plt

Plt Sgt

The Strange Ambush of Team Rock Mat, Vietnam 1970

1st recon vietnam war stories

Navy Medic David Snyder talks about being part of small recon teams on patrol.


Read the latest issue of the Agent Orange Newsletter, a yearly publication for Veterans and their families. The 2020 issue covers Blue Water Navy Veterans and benefits; a revised list of Agent Orange testing and storage locations; intergenerational effects from Agent Orange; registry exams at the El Paso VA Health Care System; and more. 

San Diego’s Bravo Co. Marine recruits recover from COVID-19, complete boot camp milestone

Recruits from Bravo Company quickly advance to the top of the last hill of the Reaper, during the 3-day Crucible event. At the completion of the Reaper on Thursday, recruits are presented with their Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin, officially earning the title to be called a U.S.Marine.
(Nelvin C. Cepeda / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Read the full story at San Diego Union Tribune

David Kelly (c) and his fellow Marines celebrate earning their Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin after completing the crucible on Thursday at Camp Pendleton.(Nelvin C. Cepeda / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

From Headquarters

Save the date!
First week in August 2021
Oceanside, California
Blue Diamond Birthday Reunion
“Last of the First Bottle” in honor of our WW II Vets



The U.S. Navy commissioned USS Tripoli (LHA 7), today, July 15, 2020.

Although the Navy canceled the traditional public commissioning ceremony due to public health and safety restrictions on large public gatherings, the Navy commissioned the USS Tripoli administratively and the ship transitioned to normal operations. Meanwhile, the Navy is looking at a future opportunity to commemorate the special event with the USS Tripoli’s sponsor, crew and commissioning committee.

Read the full Department of Defense Press Release

“USS Tripoli is proof of what the teamwork of all of our people – civilian, contractor and military – can accomplish together,” said Secretary of the Navy Kenneth J. Braithwaite. “This ship will extend the maneuverability and lethality of our fleet to confront the many challenges of a complex world, from maintaining the sea lanes to countering instability to maintaining our edge in this era of renewed great power competition.”

Rear Adm. Philip E. Sobeck, commander, Expeditionary Strike Group THREE, welcomes the Navy’s newest amphibious assault ship, and crew, to the amphibious force. “Tripoli is an example of the continued investment in our Navy, to increase and maintain our edge on the battlefield,” said Sobeck. “Congratulations to Tripoli’s crew for all of your hard work, amidst these challenging times, to reach this milestone. We welcome you to the amphibious force, of combat ready ships and battle-minded crews to go to sea and support sustained combat operations.”

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