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"Brothers of the Bush"

Recon...their name is
their honor...and nothing more
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Floyd Ruggles

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JD Kite
July 18th, 2020 ·
Stopped here today in Fruita, Co. On our way west. Been here when they were putting up the helo.


western slope vietnam war memorial park

Dedicated to the men and women who served in the United States of America Armed Forces during the Vietnam War 1959-1975

The basic design of the memorial is a static display of a UH-1H Huey helicopter. The Huey is the symbol of the Vietnam era. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps all flew missions in the Huey aircraft. All United States military branches have their emblem placed on the Wall of the Memorial. The names of the men from the Western Slope who were lost have a special representation incorporated into the memorial. On the pad of the memorial is the Fruita Welcome Center in Mesa County. Interstate 70 runs through the heart of Fruita and we believe this gives the memorial a national audience. Not only is the location ideal but Fruita experienced the loss of several sons during the war. The City of Fruita has taken on the maintenance and liability for the memorial.

Devils Kitchen


Delta Company


Hill 200

The Memory Remains Not All Wounds Are Visible.

"A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

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Too close to whisper...
...one click for "yes", two for "no"...
"Brothers of the Bush"

Recon...their name is
their honor...and nothing more
need be said...Recon

By  James "Kimo" Andrews

L/cpl Roger Hall, Delta Co 1st Recon Bn

Franklin, Ohio

call sign "Dublin City",

Samuel Luera
Some of the Marines I served with in Echo Company 1st Recon Bn, 1st Mar Div. 1968. SGT TIBBETTS, CPL. W. Saffold , Cpl Smallwood, Sgt J.B. Clark, and Cpl Cobb.

Just a few of the finest Marines I had the honor to serve with.


CPL. W. Saffold

Cpl Smallwood

Sgt J.B. Clark

Cpl Cobb


Samuel Luera, Echo Company 1968

Mary & Samuel Luera




Every day that I was on that hill, I walked the perimeter to check on the health and welfare of the Marines whose lives I was responsible for. And yes I had a camera. Semper Fidelis Doc Eric K. Eric Schwartz See More 

Hill 119 1970

Echo Company 1st Recon Bn 1st Marine Division, 1968 in Okinawa for retraining which was cut short due to Tet of 1968. I am next to Lcpl James Howard Jones who was KIA on Hill 200 08/01/1968. I am in front of Cpl. Smallwood.

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Name: Dennis Slack
Email: slack8919@gmail.com
Phone number: Not on website.
Subject: Team Dublin City, Charlie Deuce 67 - 68
Message: Just ran across this web site. Outstanding. I was with 1st Recon, Charlie Company, Dublin City and Musk Ox as the primary radio operator between October 67 through November 68. Spent most of my time working out of Phu Bai. Nice to see some old names and faces. Brings back memories.
Semper Fi

July 21st, 2020

Name: George Bosco
Email: redsoxmeng11@gmail.com
Phone number: Not on the website.
Subject: Frank Bosco

Message: Hello. My name is George Bosco. Frank Bosco's nephew. I was the last Bosco born before my son Giovanni. I never got to meet my uncle Frankie because I was born in 84.

You guys have the only picture in color I've ever seen of my uncle Frankie. If you have any pictures of him please send them to me. My mother has since passed away, his sister Fran. I have no pictures or anything of his. Please if you could send me any and every thing you have. I just broke down in tears. Thank you again so much for making my day. I love you guys for this. With all that's going on he'd feel good to see my uncle Frankie in color.

July 12th, 2020

Frank Joseph Bosco 

Delta Company 1968 - 1969


Your uncle was a good man. I met him a couple times back in 68/69. All the photos of Frank that we have are on his web page. Here's a link to Frank's web page. I'll post your email on the website today. I'll add all responses to his web page. Stay safe and I hope to hear from you soon.

Name: Larry W Gill
Email: gilllarryw60@gmail.com
Phone number: Not on website
Subject: served with my uncle
Message: Im looking for marines that served with my uncle, PFC Robert Earl (Pete) Gill, 1st Force Recon, 'A' Co., An Hoa Province, . Uncle Pete was KIA on 16 APR 1969. I found the chronological report from the mission he was killed. Looking for maps to match the overlay. Names of the marines on the after action report were: Sgt Crouch; HM2 Coffin; PFC Rowland; PFC Dockery; PFC Goldmeyer; PFC Droegart; PFC Jarmolinski.

Alpha Company

Echo Company Hill 200

Most Popular Veterans Benefits, by State

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Flaky Snow 8/1/1968

Part 7 - 2020 

The Jim Southall Story

Some Give It All



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1st Recon 1967-1970

Over 200 1st Recon Battalion Marines involved in this story. The story is a work in progress over the next year.

The Jim Southall Story