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Bravo 1968

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Floyd Ruggles

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Strandir Coast Iceland

The Memory Remains Not All Wounds Are Visible.

"A Brotherhood Forged In Combat"

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Quebec Canada

Email from: Paul Wilson

Address: Removed from website
Email: 99pwilson@comcast.net
Phone Number: Removed from website
Subject: Unit Awards
Message: I am trying to put together a shadow box with the medals and ribbons I rate. I was in 1st Recon Bn. 8/29/66 through 9/25/67. Charlie Co., Teams Eyelet and Crewcut. (I am in your member listing). I used amervets.com to generate a report based on my DD-214 and my listing of units served in and dates. The amervets report may be missing several ribbons, medals awarded to the Unit later based on service while I was a member.
May be missing: Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (may be Citation), Navy Unit Commendation (may be Citation), Presidential Unit Citation, Combat Action Ribbon and possibly several Vietnamese Unit Citations.
Is there anything within this organization that I could use or is there an address at Headquarters Marine Corps that might be able to help -- Semper Fi, Paul Wilson

October 20th, 2020

October 13th, 2020

Thanks Paul,

I'll copy CHARLES & DAVID for help on your email. I'm going to be out of town for the next week and a half. Email me back if you still need assistance in this matter.


The Winner

Pickin' fights with thunderstorms and chargin' into trees.

Tiger Man you're a pussycat and a hush fell on the crowd.

I said let's you and me go outside and see who's the winner!

Bobby Bare

Eric Schwartz Recon in Vietnam 50 Year Anniversary

Say hi to Billy Ray Floyd He just joined the group. Delta Co 1st Recon Bn. I took this photo on LZ 401 prior to boarding the insert bird in Sept 1970. Our call sign was "Senator" SF B.R.

Mike was a loved and respected teammate who will never be forgotten...
Never above you, Never below you. Always by your side

             Thurman Mullins

You have to start them out right

Hill 510, Que Sonh Mountains, RVN with my Recon Team, call sign: Thinman. Left to right Ramsdell, me, McMeegan, Hancock, Parks; in front(bottom) Doc Grimm Two other members, Becker and Langridge,did not go on this patrol.

Photo sent in to Facebook by, Jim Howard

Photos posted on Facebook by, Mike Shokatz

Do any of you guys recognize anybody in these pictures?

Bruce Higgins 1st Recon in Vietnam 50 Year Anniversary

Miscellaneous photos all taken Bravo Co 1st Recon 1968/9. Bill Paul (standing w/M16) only name I remember! Sad!!!

Strandir Coast Iceland

Strandir Coast Iceland

Posted by: Doug Wolfe

Lizzie Claire Wolfe, the most beautiful witch alive.

Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota

Kathio State Park

October 2020

David Rusinko

Brian Riley 

Armo Richard "Rich" Bonini, Jr.

Blue Spruce 1968

World War II Paratroopers shown sitting across from themselves in the same plane that dropped them into Normandy in 1944.

The jungle Que Son Mts I corps



Photo Gallery


Tom Southerland

Meet one of our longstanding members of the Association. Ray Bael MGySgt Ret

A Band of Brothers


Forever 19 Cpl Fernando Villasana Born: 11/22/50 KIA 11/18/70 Happy 70th Birthday bro Semper Fi Doc

Charlie Company 11/67-12/68

Eric Schwartz & Elio

Corporal Fernando Villasana


Posted by: Jimmy Page
The Marines started firing from 800 yards out. The Germans had never seen that. The jarheads also knew how to use bayonets and parry a blade coming at them. It was over early. They just kept coming a German said......

Meet one of our newer members of the Association and one of the best points in 1st Recon 1968-1969. 

 Doug Wolfe 


A Band of Brothers

Colonel Gail S. “Hal” Halvorsen

Michael Willis 2020

posted by: Michael Willis

Thanksgiving with Delta Company, 1st Recon Bn., Camp Reasoner RVN 1969

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by: Thurman Mullins

Blogradska Gora National Park

Sergeant James F. "Jim" Southall


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