Charles Henry Goldmeyer

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The 1st Recon Battalion Command Chronology for September 1969

Contains the orders for and post-patrol report from A Company's "PARALLEL BARS" team. The patrol was to be inserted on 19 September and extracted three days later on the 22nd. The schedule slipped a day and PARALLEL BARS, consisting of eight men, was inserted at noon on 20 Sep 1969.At 1630 the patrol smelled cooking and heard voices and the sounds of domestic fowl from a knoll. The team leader, Corporal Frank Montez, and three men moved toward the noise while the other members began to encircle the knoll. Montez' group was fired upon by a single NVA/VC and returned fire, killing the enemy soldier. Two other NVA/VC then recovered the dead soldier and withdrew. The other group saw several enemy soldiers approaching from the south and took them under fire. Noticing other enemy troops to the east, PARALLEL BARS regrouped and started moving out. However, they took fire from the intended direction of movement and on the advice of an aerial observer reversed direction.

By this time it was apparent they were surrounded and the team went into a 360-degree defense while calling for extraction. The aerial observer took the enemy under fire with rockets, but shrapnel also hit two team members. The extraction helo added to the close-in fighting with its machine guns before successfully extracting the team at 2030H. Corporal Montez had been killed in the action and three others wounded - Hospital Corpsman Viento twice (once by enemy and once by friendly fire), Pfc Head and Pfc Goldmeyer once each.

HM3 Viento and Pfc Head recovered from their injuries, but Pfc Charles Goldmeyer died five days later.

PFC Charles Henry Goldmeyer

Charles Henry Goldmeyer was a private first class for the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He died on September 25, 1969 at the age of 20 .

Last Known Activity
UTM grid reference is AT873705

Kee R. Sandoval Friend P.O. Box 2989 Shiprock, NM 87420 USA A Good Recon Marine Friend Dear Friend, You are a true hero, one of the best a friend can have. I know remember YOU the first day at the First Recon Bn, you show/took me on tour of the base camp north of Da Nang, S Vietnam. My friend I 'll always remember that I was on guard duty that night when you guys got hit. I wish I visited you at the hospital You are always on my mind and heart, you and Frank. I do shade tears at times. you guys are my true heros. bye for now. Semper fi! I remind, CHIEFComments/Citation Service number 2408574/553807571Tour start date 02/11/1969

Birth: Mar. 11, 1949
San Diego
San Diego County
California, USA
Death: Sep. 25, 1969
Quang Nam, Vietnam

PFC Goldmeyer #2408574
MOS:0311 Rifleman.

Charles enlisted in the Marines 17 June 1968 at a Los Angeles Recruiting Office and arrived in Vietnam 11 February 1969 where he was assigned to 2nd Platoon of Alpha Company,1st Reconnaissance Battalion,1st Marine Division. Charles was on a squad size reconnaissance patrol when they encountered a large hostile force,7 kilometers west of Tuy Loan Bridge. While waiting at a pick zone for extraction a
hostile grenade was thrown at the squad and Charles was wounded.The squad was extracted from the pick up zone and Charles was med evac and later died of his wounds 25 September 1969,at a Station Hospital in Danang. Survived by his mother,Ellen L Erdman of 518Arlene Pl,San Diego and his father; Henry G
Goldmeyer of 4951 Santa Cruz St,San Diego,CA.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
San Diego
San Diego County
California, USA
Plot: D, 148-D

Charles H Golmeyer Vienam Tribute Movie/Video

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Corporal Frank Montez was killed
and Pfc Goldmeyer was wounded
in the same action on 20 Sep 1969.

11 Mar 2006 Happy Birthday, my friend, I know it's been a long time since you left us but as long as I can take a breath you will always be remembered as the Hero that you are to me.

From a friend and fellow recon team member,
Roger D Fleming
2951 Dave Ray Street S W, Supply, N C 28462

20 Feb 2005

I remember Charlie very well, we were both from San Diego. We were not on the same team but he did go out with us once as an alternate. I was devastated upon learning of him being wounded and then later dying in the hospital. I was on R&R at the time in Hawaii and he actually died on my birthday (25 Sep). My thoughts go out to his family - he was such a great guy!

From a fellow recon buddy - 1st Plt, A Co, 1st Recon,
Jerry Carruthers

23 Jan 2006Charley... I had just returned from R&R when I heard that Frank was gone and you were severely wounded. I remember that I went immediately to see you in the hospital. I knew you were gravely ill but I wanted you to live so much. I tried to encourage you not to give up and to fight for your life as hard as we were praying that you would make it. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Even after all these years I still think about you and Frank often. Rest in Peace ... my friend. "DOC" Korp

From a friend,
HM3 "Doc" Bill Korp
930 Columbia Avenue, Holland, Michigan 49423



Hello, my name is Marina Gonzales, I just wanted you to know on May 29th 2017 I rode the west coast fundraiser in honor of Charles H. Goldmeyer.



I remember Charlie very well, we were both from San Diego and that bonded us as regional friends. Charlie was not assigned to my team but he did go on one patrol with us as a substitute. That patrol was uneventful as some were and he was well respected and well liked. His quiet manner hid an intelligent and thoughtful interior. Charlie died on my birthday while I was on R&R - so sad. He is so missed!

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It is said a man hasn't died as long as he is remembered. This prayer is a way for families, friends and fellow veterans to remember our fallen brothers and sisters.

Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight, I am the stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die.

written by Mary Frye
circa 1932

RIP Charles Goldmeyer