2021 Reunion Photos

Oceanside California Camp Pendleton

Thanks to all for coming out to our 2021 Reunion!

Over 50 attended Wednesday,

August 4th, 2021 event.

There are a number of steps to preparing for a reunion like our 2021 and a number of people working behind the scenes. They all worked hard for months prior to the reunion preparing and making plans. This one was happening in an up-side down world with things that were out of our control like covid-19 and the cancelation of our 2020 reunion in Washington DC a year prior. My hats off to the entire board of directors and especially our president of the association Charlie Kershaw. A special thanks to our treasurer Creg Howland, Secretary David (Doc) Snider. A job well done goes out to our Sergeant at Arms Mike Collins, our Chaplain Dave Backer & one of our associate directors Ron Overton, and all the 2021 reunion committee members and all those wives that helped out "Thank You" I'll see you all next year. God willing ...

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