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Tom R. Fife

Marine 22 years of service. Not war Time. Would like to thank Tom Boland for the email today July 7th, 2020 Tom Boland Email is:

1st Recon Battalion Association

His name is Tom R Fife. Joined 1976, retired 1998...if you know him please let us know and we will send word to the man who found it.

(copy and pasted)👇

MARINES: I found this in a junk shop this past weekend and I could not stand by and let it set. It touched me, that a fellow brother in arms spent years to his beloved Corp. And when he retires is given a symbol of this as a symbol of his leadership.

I would like to research this Marine, refurbish this and get it back to either him or his family.

Thoughts and comments.
NOTE: it still had one of his dog tags attached.

July 7th, 2020

Brother Recon
"We found him and have his contact info."

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Justin Murray
Brother Recon awesome. Good job brother Chris May.

Jeffrey Powers
Brother Recon please send me his contact info

Joe Weimer
Brother Recon fuck yah. Glad you all found him.

Bart Smittle
Please send my regards. It's been long time since I've seen him.

Benjamin Adam
22 years of service and only 4 good cookies. He has stories

Brother Recon
Dont we all, i had 7 years in before i got my 1st one. 3 nams and no good cookie will turn some heads.

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Kevin Stucker
Benjamin Adam right!

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Kevin Stucker

James PewPew-Merica Dumas
Haha.. Thats what I was thinking

Tutone Tommy Abelson
Chesty’z Dream Marine...SFMFz

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Justin Murray
On it.

Michael Jaworowski
Justin Murray Right on. Must have been East Coast. Doing good as always! 👊🇺🇸

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Kevin Stucker
Dude, that is a no shit original oak paddle. I've only wrapped a few of them. I would be honored to help re wrap it once the family is located. I'm not 0321, but I am 0451 and have spent most of my 26 years with recon. Please let me know what I can do to help!!!
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Milo Rusimovich
Kevin Stucker you are a good Marine thank you for offering that. SF

Scott Archer
Fife or Rife? There was a Gunny Rife that taught nautical nav in Coronado @ '95'ish. Went to MCD school to be an instructor and was in a motorcycle accident and lost a leg. Retired probably @ '98'ish.

Everett Coates
Scott Archer Tom R Rife.

Geoffrey Brown
Scott Archer Great runner, used to make us do 1/4 mile sprints on our daily conditioning runs.

Bart Smittle
We had a Sgt Rife at C Co. 2nd Recon Bn in the early 80's. I think his first name was Tom. I heard he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident so I don't know if it's the same guy. Maybe Mike Shenlund knows.

Mike Shenlund
Bart Smittle I'm 99% sure that is the same Tom Rife

Scott Archer
Same dude that taught the OTH course in Coronado. Went to dive school as an instructor and was hit on his motorcycle and lost his leg.

Everett Coates
Hey brothers he has been located Matthew Elston has found Gunny Rife due to our combined efforts! Thank y'all so much. We've done good!

Ray Proper
I wouldn’t give up my paddle willingly, and I paid for mine nowhere near as thoroughly as a recon marine would have. I hope you find them.

Rigga Taco
Should be able to put his name in MOL “MarineOnline” and check, although it may come up as retired and have HQMC address but it’s a start!

James Lucas
Sounds like a divorce, where wife sold the paddle, or he died, and relatives didn’t know the significance.

David Hagen
Call Quantico. I don’t recall which office, but i called ‘em, and tracked down an officer I was on a team with back in ‘95.

John Parker
I ran a basic records check but no one with the addresses of a marine base listed. I’ll widen my software search.

John Parker
Or any VA ombudsman or patient advocate can help at a local va.

Mark Leet
Glad you found him! He retired from the Dive School after a bad MC accident😔

Gary E Bocra
Anyone at the Marine detachment (small boat course , Zodiacs) in the 1980’s at Fort Story VA!

John Martinson
Pass on to him "Marty says hey".

Mike Marion
Is it Rife or Fife?

Everett Coates
Mike Marion Tom R Rife

Tina Reyes
Sent you a message.

Betsy Taxiarchis

Gary E Bocra
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Emily Moss

Tooch Bailey
Contact reconnaissance foundation they have a list of everyone on the teams

John Parker
No joy.

Gary E Bocra
Maybe some decade I’ll put my “Stuff on them”🤪😜
No photo description available.

John Parker
Does the dog tag have a SSN? If so call NAVPERSCOM and they will know if he’s getting VA and can locate him.

Everett Coates
John Parker I believe it does but the gent that released the original post blurred it.

John Parker
Everett Coates let that gent know if that’s possible. Ether way NAVPERSCOM should be able to sort it out. Or the schoolhouse. He might be in the association database too.

Everett Coates
John Parker the gent found Gunny Rife.

John Parker
Everett Coates awesome !

Bay Lake, Minnesota

Thomas Robert Fife