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April 2019

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Copy of Email from: Larry Sparks April 18th, 2019 9:37am

Hi Tim

Ray Kozakowski sent me an old news article by Sgt Douglas Gillert. "Recon Team Finds NVA Camp Hidden Deep In Jungle Terrain"

In the article it identified the name of the first point man (Being new to Nam) that I'm aware of for Team Chili Pepper. His name was Joel E. Diaz. In addition... the article went on to identify Lt Henry C. L'Orange as (Officer In Charge) Sgt Jimmy D. Adkins, Assistant Team Leader, Paul Sales M-79 Man and Larry Sparks Rear Point Man position.

Lt L'Orange, Henry Wiley, Paul Sales were wounded along with myself during a patrol off WestOrange. Although I returned to Delta and to my Team...there conditions were such to my knowledge they were transported to the states from what I was told.

Another source might be Raymond Kozakowski (Ski), Danny Schaffer, James Lynch, Henry Wiley.

Several are fellow association members.

Article attached.

Seems we have been... or at least I have been thinking you were interested in the details of another event that occurred after reading the latest association post. Hope this information might help you in your search.

Larry Sparks

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Team: Chili Pepper