Paul G Barrett


Captain Thomas Henry Ralph Jr.

Clifton, Texas

Commanding Officer, India Company

3rd BN, 27th Marines, 1st MARDIV, III MAF

United States Marine Corps

October 23, 1940 to May 17, 1968



Capt Thomas H. Ralph, Clifton, TX

Commanding Officer, India 3/27th

October 23, 1940 to May 17, 1968

By Paul G. Barrett

1st Recon Battalion Association

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A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 16 May 1968 India Company, 3/27 Marines, was placed under operational control of 3rd Bn, 7th Marines and inserted into the vicinity of Le Nam hamlet on Go Noi Island as part of Operation ALLEN BROOK. The remainder of 3/27 was to arrive on the 17th.Early on the 17th India 3/27 was heavily engaged with an NVA battalion and began taking serious casualties. Meanwhile, the arrival of 3/27's other rifle companies was delayed due to a lack of airlift assets; the first elements of Kilo 3/27 were not airborne until about 1300 and the lift was not completed until 1730. Even so, the arrival of the first elements relieved some pressure on India 3/27, and a move to contact by Kilo, Lima, and Mike companies allowed a link-up with India by 1930.

Overall, 29 Marines and sailors were killed in action on Goi Noi Island on 17 May, 21 of them from India 3/27:

Capt Thomas H. Ralph, Clifton, TX, Commanding Officer, India 3/27
1stLt Lanny D. Cummins, Oroville, CA
2ndLt Marcus G. Fiebelkorn, Pagosa Springs, CO
Sgt Jack B. Gorton, Culver City, CA
Sgt Nate F. Lee, Hazleton, PA
Cpl Richard Turner, Washington, DC
Cpl Jack L. White, Tacoma, WA
LCpl John A. Gibson, Chicago, IL
LCpl Allen R. Green, Hanley Hills, MO
LCpl Bernard M. Himes, Anita, PA
LCpl David L. Schettl, Manitowoc, WI
LCpl Larry J. West, Morenci, AZ
Pfc Robert L. Bauer, Port Huron, MI
Pfc Lyle P. Bills, Council Bluffs, IA
Pfc Robert C. Burke, Monticello, IL (Medal of Honor)
Pfc Albert W. Hawkins, Columbus, OH
Pfc Philip D. Miller, Grand Junction, CO
Pfc Sylvester G. Tyler, Washington, DC
Pvt Thomas H. Crook, Kansas City, MO
Pvt Bennie R. Jones, Jackson, TN
Pvt Victor J. Schweig, Chicago, IL

Capt Thomas H. Ralph, Clifton, TX, Commanding Officer, India 3/27th

RIP Thomas Ralph Jr