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Albert King Dixon

1st ReconBattalion

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1st Reconnaissance Battalion

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Albert King Dixon

1st Reconnaissance Battalion

Photo Gallery

1st Reconnaissance Battalion

Photo Gallery

Part 2  

1st Reconnaissance Battalion

Photo Gallery






Camp Reasoner Sign

Team Rush Act

50 years ago, 15 Marines were killed during a rescue attempt in the Que Son mountains of Vietnam. These Marines will never be forgotten by their buddies who served with them. Many of us will raise a toast to them at 1800 on 18 November as we do every year. Here is their story:

Recon Team Dutch Oven.....Dunn's Raiders

Ron Kovic raising his flag over our hootch

Recon Team Grim Reaper (taken in about April 67 after the c/s change from Dutch Oven.

Posted February 22, 2009
An long as I'm back on this subject again, here are a couple more Recon pictures. This picture was taken about Mar of 67 during a rare outing with the Skipper.

Prominently featured is our Company Commander, Captain (soon to be Major) Albert King Dixon. King Dixon was an All-American running back from the University of South Carolina in the late 1950s and was a darn good Skipper.


Immediately behind him is Ron Kovic and Fred Brisch, taking a drink, (Fred took his own life some years after going home). In the background over King's left shoulder is our Corpsman, "Doc" Rock (yes, Rock was his real last name). For the past decade or so he's owned a successful bar in S/W PA called, of course, The Stone House. Just visible on the far left of the frame is Ray Triana and in the front left you can just see my hand.

Posted February 26, 2009
Here is "the Skipper"......1Lt John Dunn, from whence the name "Dunn's Raiders" came from. We're sitting on the Camp Reasoner LZ waiting for the helos to take us out to a permanent OP on Hill 452. That's why there's so much gear lying around. It had not been resupplied for a while and we were bringing out a bunch of fresh ammo, water, etc, along with a .50 cal Ma Deuce MG.

 The arm and side just visible on the right side of the picture belonged to Ron Kovic.


Hill 488

“Corpsman: In combat, a good man to buddy-up with.”

“Cover your Buddy, so he can be around to cover for you.”

Welcome Home
By Kelly Roper

To those who fought on foreign soil,
Who for our nation did perilously toil,
Who braved the bombs and bullets and mines
To return home to more peaceful times,
A hearty welcome home.

The Call to Duty
By Kelly Roper

A call to duty is sent out
And the strong and the brave reply.
They do it for love of country,
So there's never a need to ask why.

They leave behind all that they love,
Their families, their homes and their lives,
Because to preserve these precious things
Is the goal for which each soldier strives.

So God bless our troops,
The courageous women and men,
Who fight to make sure
The bells of freedom peal again.

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