Gerald Charles "Jerry" Kirk

I have been thinking about Conrad Moreno question about how important music was to us and "He ain't heavy" by the Hollies has been running around my brain ever since, and I have been thinking about my brother Jerry Kirk AKA Rude Jeck.

Semper Fi

Marine Doc Delta Co 1st Recon 1970 

Saddling up on LZ 401 Delta Co 1st Recon Bn

L/cpl McCleese L/cpl Evans Hill 119 Delta Co 1st Recon Bn 1970

Cpl Ralph Moran Delta Co

1st Recon Bn 1970
Communicating with the world.

High and Tight
Delta Co 1st Recon Bn 1970
Wild Fires are raging here in Northern California. The air is dense and acrid. Stay safe and sane during these troubled times. Sf Doc

Hand Job
Hill 119 Delta Co 1st Recon Bn 1st Marine Division 1970
I used my medical gear including morphine, battle dressings and ace wraps to treat this VC who had his hand blown off. So much for the bad rap we had to endure by the no nothing asswipes who pegged us as bad to the bone crazed killers of woman, children and the elderly. Semper Fidelis Doc Schwartz HM3

LZ 401 1970
John and Brutus waiting for a ride at LZ 401. I ran into him while I was waiting for an insert bird with my team. I knew John and Brutus from my grunt days with H 2/26. We shook hands and said our how you doings then we parted ways. I never saw them again. Sf Doc

Eric Schwartz

Delta Company

This might be hard to read unless you have a big screen because the print is small. It is a check off list for what team observed. It was carried by patrol leaders. I think that this is one of the more interesting documents that I had the foresight to hang onto when with Delta Co 1st recon 1970. Keeping our history alive Semper Fi!!! Doc Eric Schwartz

Gerald Charles "Jerry" Kirk