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On June 8, 2016 Oleta Ellis posted My husband died and he was a marines and he was 1st recon battalion.

David Backer, reply 6/8/16 Oleta, my name is David Backer, Chaplin of 1st Recon Battalion Association. You said that your husband has passed. Sorry for your loss. Could you give us some more information so he can be honored @ our reunion this August. Thank you. and God Bless You

Billy & Oleta Ellis

Stephen Walter "Steve" Bruch  Alpha & Bravo Companies 67-68


Steve, passed away after a courageous 2 year battle with brain cancer on Father's Day, June 17, 2012

CAPT. Dennis Michael Storm


Paul "Medic" Roshong
1947 - 2021

Ricky Lee Fooshee
1948 - 2009

William D. Philpot, Alpha Company 1/68 - 1/70 Passed away 8/25/19

ALPHA COMPANY 1/68 - 1/70


Joe A. Reyes, Jr, Echo Company 1st Recon & BRAVO 5TH RECON JUNE 68 - DEC. 70,  Passed away 3/18/2013

1st Lieutenant Stephen A. "Steve" Zrenda Jr. 

Bravo Company June 1970 - February 1971

Passed Away  January 16, 2021