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Email Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 12:28 PM
Subject: Recovered Property 
Pomona Police Department

Email from:  USMC Corporal Fred Kittman
Pomona Police Department
Special Investigations Unit

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Sent: Monday, March 11, 2019 9:30 PM
Subject: Message Board

From Name: Fred Kittman
Phone number: 909-576-6666

Subject: Recovered Property

Message: I'll keep this short. I'm a Police Investigator in Southern California. During an investigation my partner found a 1st Recon Paddle in the possession of a crook. As a former Marine (1992-2003) I understand the importance of it.

The Paddle has a plate on it with the owners name. I want to put it out on your website in the hope someone may know this guy.

If you'd send me a email address I can send pictures. It is specific to a Comm Unit assigned to 1st Recon 1991-1994. Or call me and we can speak about it.

March 16th, 2019

Recovered Property

On Mar 12, 2019, at 9:54 AM, Floyd Ruggles <>


Thanks Fred, Can you send a photo, will post photos and Info on our website

S/F Floyd

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Sent: Monday, March 11, 2019 9:30 PM

Subject: Message Board

From: Fred Kittman 

Corporal Fred Kittman
Pomona Police Department
Special Investigations Unit
490 W. Mission Blvd
Pomona, CA 91769


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3/21/2019  10:45 pm

3/19/2019 Emails sent out to all members

With updated email address

To all,
1st Recon Battalion Association Members,
The Pomona Police Department looking for our help.

Subject: Recovered Property
This is your link to the web page:

We are looking for the owner of this 1st Recon Paddle.
Check our Association's web page, and email me back if you can help.

See You all in Louisville, Kentucky August 7th-11th, 2019 (God Willing)
1st Recon Battalion Association Reunion will be held this year at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Hotel. Check our website out for more Info.

Semper Fi
Floyd Ruggles
1st Recon Battalion Association
Membership Director & Webmaster

Emails sent back by members:

Herman Jonse
11:57 AM


 Thanks for sharing. I’ll see if some of my contacts can assist.


jean fitzsimmons
3:40 PM

Can't help with locating the owner, but kudos to Cpl Kittman and the Pomona Police Dept for their efforts.

3:47 PM

hey Floyd sorry can't help locate not familiar with this Marine

Floyd, Lt. Walt Reed here and was with 1st Recon Charlie Company, in Chu Lia, OPCon to 3Rd Recon in 65-66, because 1st Recon was not in county.
When I left county I was presented with such a paddle. I am so proud of that paddle
Semper Fi,



Walt Reed

27 years in the Corps
Phone: 702-353-4199
Las Vegas, NV

On Mar 19, 2019, at 13:27, floyd <> wrote:

Thanks for the email. Can I post your email on our 1st Recon Battalion Association web page it may help?


On March 19, 2019 at 5:28 PM Walt Reed <> wrote:

You may Sir. I am 81years young and sometimes have problems with the computer.
Walt Reed

Email sent out to member:

More updates coming soon!

On March 19, 2019 at 4:36 PM david snider <> wrote:

Hey Floyd,

I posted this on two ‘recon’ FP pages, 'Marine Recon' and ‘Recon Marines’ . I hope that the owner can be found.

Dave ‘Doc’ Snider


Thanks for the email

Michael McManus
6:02 PM

No help…Semper Fi!


Mike McManus

1st Recon Bn.

Thanks Doc

Thanks for all the emails!



Col Wayne Morris USMC (Ret)
8:43 PM

Thanks Floyd.


Name doesn’t ring with me but was many years after my times in 1stReconBn, 3dReconBn and 3dForRecCo.  That said, opening folks on my Recon Sub-net/etc.  Perhaps someone has some info on him.




IF you have any skinny on this, plz light up Floyd.





Wayne V. Morris
Col USMC (Ret)


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3/20/2019 Breaking News

Jim Fossos in Hospital

Harry Mundorff
9:58 PM

Sorry, I have no information. Have forwarded on.

Sent from my iPhone


I applaud your proactive efforts to locate the owner of this paddle, however, my vintage with 1st Recon is extremely dated. That said,I will share this with some Marines/Corpsmen that just might have an idea.

Best wishes and appreciation for your determined efforts!

Semper Fi,
Garry Parks

Garry L. Parks <> 8:31 AM - 3/20/19

floyd <> 1:34 PM
To Garry L. Parks

Thanks General,

Have a great day.

Semper Fi,
Floyd Ruggles

Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

John Shea <> Thursday, March 21st, 2019 10:22 AM

Sorry don't know him. Please keep informed,  John