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1st Recon Battalion Association

Hello Association Members,

As part of my Membership Director & Webmaster job for this year,

I have been trying to locate those whose information is missing or incorrect.

I am checking the accuracy of all of our members' information. It has not been done for over 12 years. I have been finding a lot of our members whose information is no longer correct.

I really would like to take you off my list this year.

So please let me know if your information is correct.

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My email address is floyd@weststpaulantiques.com

Please keep your information up to date this will allow the Association to send messages out from time to time by email or by mail.

By updating your email address this will save $$$ on postage from time to time.

Hope to hear from you soon..

Thanks for all your help.


Semper Fi,

Floyd Ruggles

Membership Director & Webmaster.

May 29th, 2018


Cary F Andras M.D. H&S Company 2/70-9/70

Message: So happy to find you! Saw the pictures of Gump May in the Leatherneck. Sorry that I missed the reunion last year. Hope to see you in Louisville! Application approved 4/8/2019

Jon B Edwards III Charlie Company 1983-1988 & Bravo Company 1989-1992

Message: Tom Minder can vouch for me when I was in C Co. Todd Smallenberg can vouch for me when I was in B Co. I hope this helps vet me. Application approved 4/8/2019

Jeffrey "BB" B Graves Charlie Company 3/91-1/93

Message: Met Lance Perkins here in Texas, and he shared this organization with me. Had no idea we had an Association. Look forward to joining and supporting. My Company Commander was Captain Scott Walker. Iwas a 2nd an 1st Lt, and took a Platoon out on the U.S.S. Ogden in 92? Application approved 4/9/2019

James W Harrell Sr. Delta Company June 1966-July 1967

Message: I thought I had joined the Association before, but my name is not listed in the Members listing. Please advise. Application approved 4/9/2019

Doug W Patterson Bravo Company & H&S Company 6/68-7/69

Message: Proud to have served with this elite and effective battalion in Bravo Company as a platoon commander and later as H&S Company commander. Application approved

Ott B Reid Alpha Company Oct 1969-Aug 1970

Message: The time of my life I am most proud of Semper Fi Application approved 4/8/2019

Charles C Richardson 1st Force 3 West Orange Aug 10, 1966-Nov 24, 1967

Message: Served at Dong Ha and DaNang, Scuba School at Subic Bay Application approved

Garth A Robertshaw Bravo Company & H&S Company 10/77-6/79 Check out Brian's web page on "Tips" Application approved

Message: Thanks for the reply, one of my 1st recon friends passed a few years ago can we add him to the "Tips" section? YES send Info. CPL Brian L McMann - Alpha Company 1st Recon 1/77-1/79 & Alpha Company 3rd Recon 1975-1977 let me know if you need more (I sent a picture) Thank You

Check out Brian's web page on "Tips"

click here

Roger W Schultz Bravo Company 4th Recon 4/22/1974

Message: I need to expose a chucklehead. Dick Everhard was my inspector instructor in 76-77. I attended his send off to the Pentagon in North Park. Kelley and me went dancing in Circle that night.

(Membership pending approval 3/14/2019)  Application approved 4/8/2019

Larry E Sparks Delta Company 1970-1971 Application approved

Message: Hello This is a resend... Not sure if authorized the use of my phone number or not on my first application request. Wanted to update etc. As of yet my name has not been added to Delta Company 2/1/2019 My name is Larry E Sparks and had the honor of being part of 1st recon, Delta Co. Ihave applied for membership and have even received some information relating to my application etc. However as of today there is no mention of me being a member within the association (member list) which was just updated. I served in Delta Company in position as Point Man and later Team Leader for Chilli Pepper & WageEarner. I would love to hear from some of my old friends/fellow Marines. lsparks299@aol.com Please advise and thank you for your assistance. 11/3/2018

William L Stepp Alpha Company 1969 Application approved

Message: Have pictures of A Co. I would like to send to Association. "Please send me your photos"

James C Tharpe H&S Company Sept 1984-May 1987 Application approved

Message: Honor to Serve, looking forward to being a part of the Association.

Thompson, David B "Tom" (SGT. 1st Force Recon Jan 27, 1968 - Feb 22nd, 1969)

Message: Looking to connect with all Recon Marines and Corpman that I may have served with while with 1st Force Recon from Jan/1968 to Feb/1969 in Phu Bai, DaNang and An Hoa. I have many photos from my files and others plus many patrol rosters, etc on my website. Click Here approved

Nolan Warren B Echo Company Jan 1969-Aug 1969

Message: No Message at this time. This Application is approved

Wiltrout, Robert H&S Company Oct. 1969 - Sept. 1970

Message: The brave young Marines who put themselves in harms way have my deepest respect and admiration. Semper Fi This Application is approved 4/9/2019

Wood, Michael S Bravo Company 1969-1970

Message: Honor to be associated with fellow Black Diamonds. God, Country, Corps, Semper Fi.

This Application is approved 4/9/2019

Email from Mike: Thanks very much and I feel honored to be a member with my brothers. Is there a membership card or can I make a donation to the Association for membership. Just let me know and I will be happy to support it. I am also a member of the Marine Corps League. S/F Mike Wood 


Thanks Mike, I'll send you a membership card soon. You can make all donations to our Association's Treasurer: Donations can be sent to the Association Treasurer: Creg Howland 43761 Churchill Glen Drive Chantilly, VA 20152 Make donations payable to The 1st Recon Association.  S/F Floyd

Carlucci, Luciano Alpha Company 2001-2006

Message: Semper Fi Brothers

This Application is approved 4/8/2019

Email from Luciano: I noticed my name was spelled incorrectly..it's Carlucci! Thank you for deserve this connection to our brothers once again and I'm honored. Thank you for all that you doing. I look forward to connecting with new and old brothers in arms. Can I send donations to the association, please let me know and it's as good as done. Thank you and SEMPER FI BROTHERS

Thanks Luciano, I'll fix your name with is spelled incorrectly on Tursday the 4th of April 2019. You can make all donations to our Association's Treasurer: Donations can be sent to the Association Treasurer: Creg Howland 43761 Churchill Glen Drive Chantilly, VA 20152 Make donations payable to The 1st Recon Association.  S/F Floyd

Holmes, Ronald L Delta Company - Patrol Leader 1969 - 1970

Message: BaNa getting over run one night. I was a patrol leader 1st Recon Delta Co. My team was on patrol below BaNa on night we heard the fire fight going on up there, guys yelling and screaming over radio communications. We relayed the activity going on up there, as they were having hard time getting out on .comications. From what I remember there was like two teams up there half of them didn't make it as they got overran and the other half got extracted out overnight, I think. Trying toget the story straight. I believe this was late 1969 or earlie 1970. The following week they inserted two teams up there, mine was one of them. We followed a trail down and seen nothing but a little blood here and there. Anyone out there tall me more about it? Thanks Ron Holmes Approved 4/8/2019

Kingsbury, Thomas III Charlie Company - E5 Hospital Corpsman

Message:  I served with you folks. I was an E5 Hospital Corpsman and did my time as the senor enlisted man with Company C. It nice to see what you are doing.

This Application is pending approval by our president or secretary of the 1st Recon Association. I'm looking for approval by May 1st, 2019.  Approved 4/14/19

McCury, Jon (New 2018 Reunion Attendees & 2018 Meeting Attendance)

Message from the 1st Recon Battalion Association Membership Director: No Company Info, Phone or email address. Please could you send me your information soon as possible. THANKS

Rahne, Ray (New 2018 Reunion Attendees & 2018 Meeting Attendance)

Message from the 1st Recon Battalion Association Membership Director: No Company Info, Phone or email address. Please could you send me your information soon as possible. THANKS

Luhrs, Timothy J Delta Company Team Chili Pepper See all correspondence!

Message: Looking for any remaining members of Chili Pepper who were on ladder extract that went bad. Tim's email address is timothyluhrs@gmail.com Application approved

Louis E Short Paraloft / Parachute Rigger 1980-1983

Message: Ran into a fellow parachute rigger just last month and for me all the great reunion and stories can't wait to see some old friends again.

(Membership approved 4/8/2019)

Membership Applications

April - May 2019

David L Pope        Alpha Company / DRP 1982-1983

Message:  Very nice website! I'm currently Secretary of the FRA. Would enjoy talking professional "Secretary" TTPs wite the 1st Recon Battalion Association's Secretary as his schedule may permit. S/F Dave

(Membership approval 4/23/2019)

More Names coming soon!

Join by clicking on the Application link at the top of this page.

New Applications are pending approval by the 1st Recon Battalion Association. It may take a week or two for the new member to be posted on our website. Thanks you  

Robert W Rutledge        Charlie Company 1981-1984

Message:  I have legally changed name to Coda Blue. Looking for my buds. I was "Rutledge" back then L/Cpl and CPL. Was just totally confused by someone named Arthur who was giving me crazy info trying, I suppose, to Phish me out. I was in third and first Recon. Onna Point and Tallega. Been a while but I KNOW my Sgt Major was NOT named Martinez.. just want to talk to my buddies.

(Membership approval 4/29/2019)

New email message 4/25/2019: Floyd, thank you for approval. I have legally changed my name to Coda Blue. No middle initial. Please change it with association. I can provide any affidavit needed. That other guy is dead to me. May I have another card with my real name? The only thing I have kept in my former name is DD-214 as I CANNOT change it. CODA BLUE. Peace, my friend. P.S. I know it will make it difficult for my brothers to find me. I will find me. I will find them. I'm Recon.

Harold Robert Stair        Charlie Company Feb. 1968 - Sept. 1968

Message:  I first got into Recon in Okinawa 3rd Recon until 1963. 1st Recon at Camp Pendleton until 1964. Then to 'C' co 1st recon bn. Feb,1968 until Sept 1968 where I was wounded and eventualy was Med-evaced home. Thank You. H.R.Stair (U.S.M.C. RET.)

(Membership approval 5/3/2019)

Sammy Jr. Jones        H&S Company 1968 - 1970

Message:  My wall plack of the time I was with the unit got busted up. I would like to find a co that can make me a new one. Any help would be great. Thanks

(Membership approval 5/3/2019)

See you all at the Reunion 

God Willing

Membership Applications

June - August 2019

James AAA Moos        Bravo Company July 1970 - April 1971

Message:  Hope to go to the reunion this year. Thanks for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 6/23/2019)

Jim Ambrose Jr.        H&S Company April 1989 - May 1992

Message:  I served as the Motor T officer for First Recon Bn from spring 1989 through mid 1992 when Recon Bn was disbanded and reorganized elsewhere in the 1st Mar Div. Great memories serving under Lt. Col. Kershaw and the other Maines in that battalion. Thanks for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 6/28/2019)

Mario E Molina Jr.        Delta Company 1968-1972

Message:  Semper Fidelis Brothers: After a very long time of mine setting. I'm able today to become a member of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Organization. I just wanted to fade-away but, we have a common virtue to remember and honor all Servicemen that have sacrificed for the Nation freedom. (? Feedom is not Free?.) The Scar of war lives on our mine forever. Swift, Silent and Deadly. MSGT M.E. Molina / Marine Corps Retired.  Thanks Mario for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 6/28/2019)

New Message May 4th, 2019 6:17pm: from

Mario EE Molina Angulo Jr.        Delta Company 

Subject:  MayFly/Vesparbells/Team Members

Message: Rally Point Doc Snider: I just became a member of the Recon Association a few day's ago and I was number one when I saw your name there!! You guys knew that I never was a sentimental Recon brother. However, tears dropped like the "Monsoon Season in Nam". It was  the correlation of tender emotion of love, brotherhood and spirit of our Corps. But, never pity at all! I just walked around to renew old memories of the journey from hell. I saw short round Kellum in Gideon, MO, Also O'campo in Camp Pendleton during staging for Irag freedom and goofy James Gore. He retiredin N.C. I'm looking your Pic but, is impossible to recognize you with the new outfit civilian attire. I dont know the whereabouts of the rest "bad ass" Mayfly / Vesperbells team?.. May God bless all my team mates forever, I'm hopping to see you at the reunion in August 2019, God Bless You always. Mario E. Molina Angulo, Msgt / Retired, U.S.M.C.  

Antonio V Trujillo        Beavo Company 2007

Message:  No message at this time.  Thanks for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 6/28/2019)

Willey O Williamson        H&S Company 10/1976 - 7/1978

Message:  I was the Wire chief. Called Tex.  Thanks for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 7/30/2019)


More Info coming soon!

Gary F Morris      Lance corporal, Dates with Unit: June 1969-June 1971

Home Address: 29 Grosbeck St Vandalia OH 45377

Home Phone number: 937-387-6818
Email Address: morrisgf@yahoo.com

Message:  to 1st Recon Battalion Association: Would like to find recon Marines and get together if
any may live near the ary. 

New Message Coming:    Thanks for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 8/23/2019)

Russell E Nelson "Russ"        H&S Company 1987-1988


 It was an honor to serve with the Marines and corpsmen of 1st Recon Bn. and this was the highlight of serving in the military for me. While there I was a Radio Repairman and Corporal in Comms Co. and my recon paddle said "Which Way To Australia?" and I lived there afterward for 20 years and then served in 1 Commando Regt. in Australia in a Raid Platoon before returning to USA and now work helping law enforcement with digital forensics. Went through Jump and Pathfinder school while at Tallega and had a loud white '69 Vette convertible that was my rolling life savings. Semper Fi, brothers. Thank you all.

Thanks for helping us Grow...

(Membership approval 8/23/2019)

Timothy C Haught       Bravo Company & H&S Company Feb. 1981 - April. 1983

Message:   I was in Bravo Company under Captain Van Fleet and Captain Rod Richardson and 1st Sgt JarrelI. I was at the S-3 under Lt. Col. Hoffman and Sgt Major Daniels.

(Membership approval 8/23/2019)

Jeffrey A Lee       Bravo Company & H&S Company Sept. 1989 - Nov. 1990

Message:    I sent in an application several years ago, but since then my address has changed. I am friends with Ken Benckwitz who was my councilor at the Vet Center in Prescott Arizona. .

(Membership approval 8/23/2019)

Membership Applications

September - December 2019

James E Mcquaide   Delta Company 1968-1969 Teams: Mayfly & Vesper Bells

Message:     I proudly served with my team, Mayfly and Vesper Bells. David (Doc)Snider was our Corpman.

(Membership approval 9/1/2019)


2018 New Members




PHONE 918-427-4492  


SERVED WITH 1ST RECON BN.  Referred by Jim Edwards


Name: Mark G Wehr 
Address: 1003 Oakhill Ave #139 Attleboro MA 02703
Email: markwehr476@yahoo.com
Home Phone number: 508-455-2070

Message to 1st Recon Battalion Association: HI. I served as both a Supply Clerk and as a door gunner aboard a CH-46 Marine Sea Night Helicopter with the 1st Marine Air Wing Purple Fox's at Marble Mountain, Da Nang. It would be an Honor to be a part of this group. I also am a member of The Air Medal Society Group.

Name: Ross McFadden  
Address: 710 McCabe Ave NE Ada MI 49301
Email: rjmao09@gmail.com
Cell Phone Number: 616-644-4141

Dates with Unit: 10/03-9/06

Name: Bruce E Mosley 
Address:  914 Jackson st N  Sulphur Springs Tx 75482

Email: brucemosley5@gmail.com
Cell Phone Number: 972-768-6954
Date of Birth (MMDDYY): 2-28-47
Letter Company
(or other Unit Attached): A 3rd plt
Dates with Unit: April 67-Nov.67


2018 New Members