Operations in Afghanistan

Iraqi Freedom

Persian Gulf War

World War II

Korean War

Cuban Missile Crisis

The War in Vietnam
Tet Offensive in Nam 1968
Tet Offensive in Nam 1969
President Jonson's Speech at Johns Hopkins University
My Lai Massacre with photos
President Johnson's Decision not to run
Vietnam War Timeline
President Richard M. Nixon's Report on Vietnam
President Nixon's Silent Majority Speech
US and South Vietnamese incursion into Cambodia
1950's US send troops to Vietnam
The Wall with photos
What is a Vet
The French Foreign Legion in Vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Ho Chi Minh
Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard M. Nixon
Nquyen Van Thieu
Gen. William Westmoreland with photos
Hill 200 my story with photos
Maps & Artifacts - The Time Capsul
1st Recon Battalion Units photos
Sounds from Nam
20 Years of Reunion Photos
Helicopters in Nam
Awards & Decorations (1968-1969)
Navy & Marine Corps Awards and Decorations
Marine Corps Awards
Personal Awards
Unit Awards and Decorations
The Memory Remains Not All Wounds Are Visible
Links to Vietnam Veterans Top Websites
Purple Heart
Vietnam Footage & Memorials
Vietnam Memorials & Monuments part 2
Vietnam Today
No Man Left Behind part 1
No Man Left Behind part 2
No Man Left Behind part 3
No Man Left Behind part 4
No Man Left Behind part 5
No Man Left Behind part 6 (Thomas William Haney)
Minnesota Vietnam War Casualties
1st Reconnaissance Battalion Home page
My Missions in Nam
Photos of 1st Recon Battalion in Nam
Recon Missions the units Patrol Reports 1966-1971
A Summer Day in Nam - A 1st Recon Story
1st Recon Bn Photo Gallery
1st Recon Bn Association Messages
1st Marine Division Association Messages
Battles of the Vietnam War
Hamburger Hill
Vietnam 1968
Vietnam 1969
Vietnam War casualties from Minnesota
American Casualties by Groups
My Message Board
Marine Amphibious Force
The Green Beret
Field of Dreams Colorado Memorial


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